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Each time the industry pros gathered for discussions, launches, problem solving sessions or other event and parties, I am asked to get a diver’s party going for everyone to come together on an industry scale. so here goes..

Aimed to be the biggest divers’ party ever, Narcosis 2017 is our way of getting divers and all the dive shops together from all walks of life to congregate before the start of the diving season in March and have a great time of party, education and fellowship.


We also aim to bring all our industry professionals for an evening of non-competitive camaraderie, to get to know each other and how we have each evolved to what we have become in today’s local diving scene. An opportunity to show the divers that the industry of dive professionals are all for one and one for all when there is a need to. 

From a diver’s or consumer’s point of view, there has never been a diver’s party ever held here that is worth the mention or remembering. Narcosis 2017 is planned with a touch of glamour, the aim to dazzle and a party to be remembered.



Programmed with a Diver Samaritan Award, hosted by an emcee extraordinaire, tuned up with DJs,  served with delightful finger platters, enriched with meaningful dive game challenge stations, boosted with an incredible drinks menu and topped off with a Grand Lucky draw with prizes worth over S$30,000…


This will be an epic way to kick start the diving season for one and all…

So newbie or oldie, frequent or seldom, recreational or technical, local or foreign, frequent or annual diver…



Get down and be seen at Narcosis 2017!!

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