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NARCOSIS 2017 is a Singapore dive industry event which maintains a strong commitment to address the needs of the local diving community with passion, acceptance and understanding. We honor each person's journey and voice. And, ultimately, we hope to restore each of the people we serve to a life that is spiritually, emotionally enriching and physically rewarding.

Our Good Samaritan’s Award is an award that recognizes those who ‘go to the  level of above and beyond’ to enrich our scuba community, environment and or improving the lives of the divers  here in Singapore. 

Narcosis is accepting your nominations for this prestigious award. Below are the criteria that outline the characteristics expected of our Samaritan and the nomination form.  If you choose to nominate an individual please respond to the questions listed on the form, in your favorite format, and return to your respective supporting dive centres.

Criteria for Nomination:


- Nominee must be an individual

- Nominee resides or works in Singapore

- Nominations may be made by an individual with knowledge of   the nominee’s service

- Going the extra mile in order to improve conservation,       echo tourism or improvements related to diving industry

- Commitment to the dive community or environment, helping     to make it a better

- Courage and or Compassion in their actions and deeds

- Preference will be given for commitment of service

- Commitment must be performed outside the context of the     nominee’s paid employment without support of any prior       organizations

- Nominees must show efforts that has been on going for at     least 10 months

We are looking for this award recipient n seek your help to uncover this deserving individual. Narcosis 2017 divers party event would like to honor this person with exposure, an award and some significant support in this individual's efforts. 

                 Do you know someone?

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