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Manado, Indonesia

By virtue of our unique geographic location, Lembeh Strait offers fantastic year-round diving. Although there can be strong currents running through the Strait at some points of the day, there are always areas which are protected and comfortable to dive. Lembeh is also protected from big swells and most of the monsoon winds, which makes it comfortably ‘divable’ all year round. but there is certain seasonality in critters caused by the changing trade winds.


Water temperature can varyvaries by only a few degrees throughout the year. It lingers between 29- 28oC between October to March. Then it drops slightly in months April, May, June and September to 27-26oC. The and the coldest months are July and August, with 25-26oC in the water temperatures. The air temperature is more or less constant during the year. A 5 mm full wetsuit is recommended.


Visibility varies between sites and depending on the time of year. , It fluctuatesing between 5-30 meters. Visibility is higher at the more open-water northern sites, while it usually is 12-15 meters at the most popular central “muck-diving” sites. The visibility is lowest when the temperature is at its highest in January and in the beginning of February. In March the visibility improves dramaticallyradically. October to December is the period of the best visibility. However, please note that most muck diving is very “up-close and personal,” so even at minimum visibility you will still have an amazing dive experience.


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