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Diving using Nitrox has been enjoyed by thousands of divers since it was dived more than 30 years ago. Today, many are still unaware of the advantages of using this gas for diving.


Our Enriched Air Nitrox course provides the full understanding of why, how, where and when, to use it and how much it cost?

Pre-requisites: Certified Open Water Diver With Any Agency & 10 logged dives


Course Fees: S$250


Next Class Dates: Please call 6557 0016 for more info


Fees Include: Training Manual, Easy Nitrox Certification, Computer Training & Rental, 3 Nitrox Tanks with Analyzer Use

Fees Exclude: Nitrox Tanks, Certification & Manual, Dive Computer Rental, Other Equipment, Weekend Trip to Aur or LOB



  • Cancellation charges apply after registration and payment


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