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Malapascua has a great variety of dive sites - we've got big stuff and small stuff, reefs and wrecks, amazing coral dives and sandy muck dives, wall dives and night dives. Because the diving is in different areas and with many different influences there is a great variety of marine life. All our dive sites have excellent macro, so there is always plenty to see. Some divers have rated Malapascua's dive spots as some of the world's best diving!


Thresher Shark Dives:

The Thresher Sharks live usually in deep water and are very rarely spotted in shallow water. In Malapascua they come up to around 20m in the water first thing in the morning to get rid of the parasites on their skins. The best chance to spot the Thresher Sharks is atMonad Shoal dive site early morning. It is also a good spot to encounter Manta Rays!

Over the years, many documentaries have been filmed underwater at Monad Shoal and that’s what has made this place so famous. Encounters with the Thresher Shark is not guaranteed however if you dive in Malapascua for a week you excellent chances of coming back with fabulous shots of this very timid Shark!


Macro Diving and Wrecks

Apart from the big stuff, there is also very interesting macro diving around the Islands. It is a great place to observe rare critters and macro species such as colourful Mandarin fishes, rare Blue Ring Octopus, superb Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Ornate Ghost Pipefishes, or the strange looking Frogfishes and Seahorses.This really is a great place for macro underwater photography so don’t forget your camera!

There are also 3 nice wrecks to dive ranging from 10m to 70m deep like the Dona Marilyn wreck located 1 hour away form your dive resort. It is a former 100m long ferry passenger which sank in 1988 during a Typhoon.


Day trips and Hammerheads

Day trips to the nearby Gato Island can also be organized to observe Nurse Sharks, Whitetip Reef Sharks and even the rare bamboo Sharks resting in small cracks.

Kalanggaman Island is also a great day trip for amazing reef life and amazing picture opportunities. Early morning dives are also organized to spot the Schooling Hammerhead Sharks around Kimud Shoal. The best chances to see them are from December to April.

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